{Pattern Hack} Capsule PJs Featuring NH Marbella Tank and RP Pippa Pants

I have a huge confession to make… I never blogged on my first Marbella Tank which I made during testing. It’s a cute lace back tank, which – in typical New Horizons style – has several options and styles of lace back. I love the version I made during testing and will wear it a lot under my Valencia open back top (pictured here with the Greenstyle¬†Super G Tights – it’s like wearing a control top that holds everything in place!). The watercolor fabric is amazing cotton lycra from Piccadilly Textiles.

During the month of April, I participated in #BackToBasics2018 with my friends at Sew Altered Style. On the last day of the month – after I’d sewn some great basics from tees to undies – I realized I needed some spring/summer pajamas. It was the same time temps were consistently hitting the mid 70s here during the day and upper 40s at night. My winter flannel pjs were just too hot. I knew I wouldn’t finish the pjs by the end of April, but I use sewing challenges/themes as that – just a guide and an inspiration – no hard and fast deadlines!

I picked two lovely patterns to make my pj set – the Pippa Pants from Rebecca Page (which I sewed with cotton lycra in the fall to make a pair of yoga pants). This time I made the wide leg/palazzo option on the pattern and did the flat waistband (vs the folded yoga band). I had a pair of pants on Pinterest that I wanted to copy, with lace at the waistband too.

While I wanted lace on the pants, I didn’t really want lace against my skin while I sleep. Here’s another confession – I have SUPER sensitive skin and if something rubs on it and irritates it, then I itch it, and end up with hives all over. That’s not conducive to sleep. So I pondered a hack for the Marbella tank without the lace and stumbled across a cute Michael Stars tank on Pinterest (confession: I look at Pinterest almost every night before bed). I did a little brainstorming and I’m pretty pleased with the result. I’ll make a few changes the next time I do this (which will be soon, because I think it’s such a cute tank for summer with a little twist – pun intended!)

Bonus – now I have super comfy pjs made out of super comfy rayon spandex (which I’ve had set aside for pjs for two years). I love when patterns have such versatility and I’m glad I finally have some summer pjs!

Patterns (affiliate links provide me with a little percentage when you buy to help support my sewing habit. Don’t worry – it doesn’t cost you more!)

Marbella Tank

Pippa Pants



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