Capsule Wardrobe Undergarments Part 2

I’m going to start the way I started my first  Capsule Wardrobe Undergarments post, like this: “It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of capsule wardrobe sewing.  I spend a good amount of time each season planning the colors and the pieces that I want to make to round out my closet. Plenty of people stop their capsule wardrobe at that point – and that is totally fine – buying shoes, purses/handbags, workout gear, pajamas, undergarments, and socks.

Well, I’m a maker.  I can’t make shoes (yet), but I am making all of those other things for my capsule.”

I wrote that post in December and have since joined the #rtwfast2018. I’ve taken a pledge to not purchase any ready to wear clothing in 2018. There are exceptions to those guidelines – socks, undergarments, etc. But I’m going cold turkey and not buying any of those things.

My first undergarments post was inspired by the beautiful Bella Bralette from Daydream Patterns. It seems appropriate that this blog post was inspired by another awesome pattern from Daydream Patterns as well!  The Nora Knickers pattern just released and is on sale through Monday (20% off with code NORAKNICKERS) but even at full price, it’s worth every penny!  Find the pattern here: Nora Knickers and if you want to make a matching bralette, here’s the Bella Bralette Pattern


The Nora Knickers feature two versions – one hipster that is more of a “cheeky” cut and a high waist version, which is more like a traditional cut (still below my belly button). Both have cute lace accents and a super professional finish.

I made a pair of knickers to match my Marbella tank (which I wrote about here {Pattern Hack} Capsule PJs Featuring NH Marbella Tank and RP Pippa Pants) in awesome fabric from Piccaddilly Textile Corp

Also, since that post in December, I have a new favorite every day undies pattern, which somehow didn’t get its own blog post!!!  The Love Yourself undies from Wardrobe by Me, pattern here. What I love most about these is, when I use high quality/good weight cotton lycra, they don’t require any elastic. I just hem on my coverstitch and DONE! No added bulk at the seams, super fast, super comfy.

I consider these undies to be my very most favorite every day undies. I’ve made probably 10 pairs and always reach for them first!

Hope this helps give you some ideas for sewing your own undergarments – it’s not hard and it’s super fun!


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