{Pattern Test} North Shore Swimsuit by Greenstyle

My first confession is that I almost had to write this blog post from the ER. My oldest son was acting a little off and my mama/nurse instinct said he needed to be checked out before the long holiday weekend. Luckily it’s not appendicitis and he just needs some rest and time to recover. Which is a huge relief for all kinds of reasons, including the fact that it means we will get to go to the opening of our community pool tomorrow!  This is perfect timing, since I just finished sewing this awesome swimsuit!


North Shore Swimsuit by Greenstyle

The North Shore Swimsuit released this week from Greenstyle Creations. I can’t adequately describe the number of options in this one pattern, so I’ll just share the line drawing. Find more details or purchase the pattern here: North Shore Swimsuit

line drawing

So… this was an amazing testing experience. Testers asked for options to be added and the designer listened. She managed to pack every one of our requests into this awesome pattern. A pattern which, by the way, looked SO GOOD on every tester – every body shape and size. It almost brought tears to my eyes to see how good everyone looked. And felt. In a suit that really fit them. It really was amazing.

So, without further ado, here is my suit.  I made a modified tie back top with the fuller cup option, and low rise banded bottoms. The coverage on both the top and the bottom are absolutely perfect. I’m comfortable and supported in all the important places!

Here are a few closeups:

Needless to say, I don’t think I’ll ever need another swimsuit pattern again. This one completely covers all of my basic needs!  It’s on sale for a few more hours, but it’s worth every penny, even at full price!  Find the pattern here: North Shore Swimsuit by Greenstyle


One thought on “{Pattern Test} North Shore Swimsuit by Greenstyle

  1. Cute swimsuit! I’ve never made one before but it’s definitely something I want to get into making!

    Also, glad to hear your son doesn’t have appendicitis! I hope he feels better soon! ❤


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