{Pattern Test} Men’s Boxer Briefs from Wardrobe by Me

I don’t always sew for other people, but when I do, it’s because it’s a guaranteed great pattern from one of my favorite designers. That is to say, I usually only sew for myself but every once in a while, I come across a pattern for my husband or kids and know that “me-made” will be better than “ready to wear/store bought.”

I’ve long been a fan of sewing my own underwear – my favorites are the Love Yourself Hipsters from Wardrobe by Me – so it make sense that when the opportunity arose for me to test men’s boxer briefs from the very same designer, I seized it!

The Boxer Briefs Pattern is a classic pair of fitted underwear with legs, back comfort panel, and an exposed elastic at the waistline. The brief can be made with a double front lined crotch (view A) or with a fly crotch (view B). Choose from two inseams or add bands to the hem.


I sewed up one of each view,with the longer inseam. They came together quickly and only used about 1/4-1/3y of fabric, plus some plush elastic for the waistband. My husband assured me they were comfy and fit well. He said the only awkwardness was the length, as he’s used to wearing are longer.

There’s also a great tank top to match the new boxers pattern – perfect for the gym, layering, or sleep. I don’t think my husband has ever worn a tank like this, but it fit him well and he said he would definitely wear it to bed.

As with all Wardrobe by Me patterns, you can expect full size range (2XS to 3XL), layered pattern pieces, no-trim pages, and impeccable drafting. The patterns are true to size and result in a great finished product!

Now my husband can join the me-made underwear club! To find the pattern and join the club, check it out here: Wardrobe by Me Boxer Briefs



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