Capsule Wardrobe Undergarments Part 2

I’m going to start the way I started my first  Capsule Wardrobe Undergarments post, like this: “It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of capsule wardrobe sewing.  I spend a good amount of time each season planning the colors and the pieces that I want to make to round out my closet. Plenty of people stop their capsule wardrobe at that point – and that is totally fine – buying shoes, purses/handbags, workout gear, pajamas, undergarments, and socks.

Well, I’m a maker.  I can’t make shoes (yet), but I am making all of those other things for my capsule.”

I wrote that post in December and have since joined the #rtwfast2018. I’ve taken a pledge to not purchase any ready to wear clothing in 2018. There are exceptions to those guidelines – socks, undergarments, etc. But I’m going cold turkey and not buying any of those things.

My first undergarments post was inspired by the beautiful Bella Bralette from Daydream Patterns. It seems appropriate that this blog post was inspired by another awesome pattern from Daydream Patterns as well!  The Nora Knickers pattern just released and is on sale through Monday (20% off with code NORAKNICKERS) but even at full price, it’s worth every penny!  Find the pattern here: Nora Knickers and if you want to make a matching bralette, here’s the Bella Bralette Pattern


The Nora Knickers feature two versions – one hipster that is more of a “cheeky” cut and a high waist version, which is more like a traditional cut (still below my belly button). Both have cute lace accents and a super professional finish.

I made a pair of knickers to match my Marbella tank (which I wrote about here {Pattern Hack} Capsule PJs Featuring NH Marbella Tank and RP Pippa Pants) in awesome fabric from Piccaddilly Textile Corp

Also, since that post in December, I have a new favorite every day undies pattern, which somehow didn’t get its own blog post!!!  The Love Yourself undies from Wardrobe by Me, pattern here. What I love most about these is, when I use high quality/good weight cotton lycra, they don’t require any elastic. I just hem on my coverstitch and DONE! No added bulk at the seams, super fast, super comfy.

I consider these undies to be my very most favorite every day undies. I’ve made probably 10 pairs and always reach for them first!

Hope this helps give you some ideas for sewing your own undergarments – it’s not hard and it’s super fun!


{Pattern Hack} Capsule PJs Featuring NH Marbella Tank and RP Pippa Pants

I have a huge confession to make… I never blogged on my first Marbella Tank which I made during testing. It’s a cute lace back tank, which – in typical New Horizons style – has several options and styles of lace back. I love the version I made during testing and will wear it a lot under my Valencia open back top (pictured here with the Greenstyle Super G Tights – it’s like wearing a control top that holds everything in place!). The watercolor fabric is amazing cotton lycra from Piccadilly Textiles.

During the month of April, I participated in #BackToBasics2018 with my friends at Sew Altered Style. On the last day of the month – after I’d sewn some great basics from tees to undies – I realized I needed some spring/summer pajamas. It was the same time temps were consistently hitting the mid 70s here during the day and upper 40s at night. My winter flannel pjs were just too hot. I knew I wouldn’t finish the pjs by the end of April, but I use sewing challenges/themes as that – just a guide and an inspiration – no hard and fast deadlines!

I picked two lovely patterns to make my pj set – the Pippa Pants from Rebecca Page (which I sewed with cotton lycra in the fall to make a pair of yoga pants). This time I made the wide leg/palazzo option on the pattern and did the flat waistband (vs the folded yoga band). I had a pair of pants on Pinterest that I wanted to copy, with lace at the waistband too.

While I wanted lace on the pants, I didn’t really want lace against my skin while I sleep. Here’s another confession – I have SUPER sensitive skin and if something rubs on it and irritates it, then I itch it, and end up with hives all over. That’s not conducive to sleep. So I pondered a hack for the Marbella tank without the lace and stumbled across a cute Michael Stars tank on Pinterest (confession: I look at Pinterest almost every night before bed). I did a little brainstorming and I’m pretty pleased with the result. I’ll make a few changes the next time I do this (which will be soon, because I think it’s such a cute tank for summer with a little twist – pun intended!)

Bonus – now I have super comfy pjs made out of super comfy rayon spandex (which I’ve had set aside for pjs for two years). I love when patterns have such versatility and I’m glad I finally have some summer pjs!

Patterns (affiliate links provide me with a little percentage when you buy to help support my sewing habit. Don’t worry – it doesn’t cost you more!)

Marbella Tank

Pippa Pants


{Pattern Test} The Most Perfect Tunic from Wardrobe by Me

I’m going to start out with a funny story. I mean, it wasn’t funny at the time, but I’m trying to chuckle about it now that it’s been a week since it happened.

My plan was to make my first Perfect Tunic in all knit. I had some pretty Michael Stars type knit picked out. I’d spent several evenings working on cutting it out and applying the placket. When I finally finished the collar, I realized that I’d not only sewed the shoulder seams wrong (so the seam was facing out), but then applied the collar inside out too (because I was orienting to the shoulder seams being on the inside, when they were in fact on the outside). This resulted in a disaster that I was unable to recover from – decent looking placket on the outside front, beautiful stitching on the inside of the collar and exposed shoulder seams on the right side of the garment. I could have cried. But I didn’t. I set it aside and went to work on cutting my next Perfect Tunic out of what was going to be my second version of the shirt, hoping that this time would, in fact, be perfect.

I spent Sunday sewing like the wind. While it was windy and snowing outside, I sewed, sipped tea, and listened to the Great British Baking Show while I worked on my tunic. By mid-afternoon, I was done and so very, very pleased. I dragged my husband out into the snow to take some pictures.

I’d recently been inspired by a friends plaid pullover shirt and this was exactly what I wanted for myself. It’s a lightweight shirting from FabricMart (which is my current favorite fabric obsession because of the amazing deals). I’m so glad I have four more cuts of similar fabric to cut into still!

The instructions for the pattern suggest cutting the yoke on the bias when working with plaids. You can see why – the slight shift in the direction of the fabric is such a nice accent. I did it on the placket and collar pieces as well.

I made the view B (which is the one with the back yoke) and the roll up (vs cuffed) sleeves in the shorter shirt length (not actually the tunic length). Needless to say, it was too cold to roll the sleeves up when it was snowing, but it will be great when spring finally rolls around! I’m in love with the curved hem – it’s so flattering.

The pattern is on sale for a few more days. Find it here: Perfect Tunic Pattern


WBM Perfect Tunic and Laela Jayne Taylor Leggings

Since they are finally being photographed, I’m going to give a big shout out to these leggings made with the most amazing organic french terry from CaliFabrics. I got it years ago (in navy and hunter green too) – made a pair in navy and they’ve held up SO well. This fall I made this camel color and it’s love all over again. Could live in these. I used the Taylor Leggings from Laela Jayne. The contoured waistband is phenomenal (so much so that I’ve mashed it onto many other patterns, lol). They are a super comfortable option for this head to toe me-made outfit, even if there were some missteps along the way!  I think that’s all part of the sewing journey!

{Pattern Test} Valencia from New Horizons with Greenstyle Chelsea Pants

I almost didn’t apply to test this shirt pattern. I feel iffy about open back shirts – not on other people, but I’ve not been sure I could pull it off. Luckily, like all my favorite patterns, this one is loaded with options. Meaning, if you are hesitant about showing your back, buy this pattern anyway – you can try it when you’re ready and I bet you will find at least one of the versions to love.


Here’s my v-back version. It comes with the option of one strap across the top or x straps which are super cute and give a little more coverage. I was supposed to finish my lace back bra to take pictures with this top, but alas, I did not. So my regular black lacy bra is showing. Not as cute as it could be, but you get the idea. Let me just say – this felt not at all as weird as I thought it would (to have that much of my back exposed).

I also adore the curved hem (though it comes with a banded/straight style as well).

Do yourself a favor and click on the link to the listing so you can see ALL the options that come with this top. It’s really phenomenal. On sale through March 7th (but worth it at full price, I promise)! Find the pattern here: New Horizons Valencia Top

By this point, you’re probably wondering about my pants. RIGHT?  You should be. One of my favorite realizations lately is that I’m often wearing me-made head to toe. Including underwear. I love it. I love having clothes that are exactly what I pick that fit me exactly. It’s really the best.


New Horizons Valencia Top and Greenstyle Chelsea Pants

Anyway. My pants are the Greenstyle Chelsea pants. I loved these since the moment they released. Confession – while I’ve adopted some leggings into my wardrobe, I never stopped loving flares and wide leg pants. Maybe it was watching so much “What Not to Wear” in my younger days, but I truly belive that my pants need some shape to balance out my body. You can find the pattern here: Greenstyle Chealsea Pants

These pants do have a great shape. I was pleased to find that I didn’t need to make any adjustments anywhere (other than taking off some length for my lack of height). They fit amazingly well (though I’m perplexed by the small drag lines on the outside of my knees – I worked on them and worked on them and couldn’t figure out what to do to get them to go away, so I will deal because I love the pants). They are pull on, have a great high waist that is so comfortable for me, plus these really cute back pockets that I think are truly flattering.


Greenstyle Chelsea Pants

Last, but never, ever, EVER least… The details about my fabric choices!  The floral for my top is a rayon spandex that came in a recent scrap or clearance box from Sincerely Rylee. They’re close to 20K members in the Facebook group and hoping to hit that soon for a HUGE giveaway. If you aren’t already a member, JOIN NOW, so that you can be part of all the fun! She has stockings almost every week, some lovely pre-orders, Trim Tuesdays, and the new Vibe Boxes on Wednesdays! Join the fun here: Sincerely Rylee Facebook Group

My pants are the most amazing olive green stretch twill from Simply by Ti. The fabric has a slight sheen to it, just the right amount of stretch to hold everything in place and hug all the right curves. It was so perfect for this project. My only regret is that I don’t have 10 more yards. I did just get some in navy blue – so stay tuned for another make with that very soon. It’s defintely a new favorite!  You can join the Simply by Ti group here: Simply by Ti Fabric Group – she does a great live video on Thursday nights with all sorts of awesome pattern and fabric reviews and all sorts of super useful tidbits! Shop here: Simply by Ti Fabric Shop

Hope you enjoyed my head to toe handmade wardrobe post. I’m sewing a ton right now – maybe at some point, I’ll take a break and write again! Until then – KEEP MAKING!

{Pattern Test} Joy Jacket by Chalk & Notch

First, I’m going to state in no uncertain terms that Joy Jacket from Chalk & Notch is my most accomplished make ever.

Then, I’m going to say that this was NOT supposed to be my first blog post of 2018. The plan was for this to be part two of New Year, New Jacket. But, while part one is done, I never blogged about it. That’s how much I have been sewing (instead of blogging). So, stay tuned for my other new jacket post – coming soon (hopefully).

Keeping in line with my sewing goals for 2018, I learned and practice all sorts of skills in this testing the Joy Jacket. I almost didn’t apply because I wasn’t sure I could do it. But, in keeping in line with my life goals for 2018, I went for it. I’m so glad I did. The testing group was lovely, the process was smooth and streamlined and the entire experience was so positive. Despite the fact that this was more on the advanced side of my skills, the tutorial is so well done that I had no problems. The couple steps that gave me pause are accompanied by clear videos linked in the tutorial. There’s no way to fail 🙂

I used this lovely olive green linen from Robert Kaufman that’s been in my stash forever and some lovely teal I picked up at a thrift store for lining (it has tiny gold Saturns on it and is absolutely awesome). I chose the version without the hood, though I plan on making another one with a hood for sure!

Today is the last day to grab the pattern on sale (it’s worth every penny, even at full price).  It’s not a quick sew, but it is so fulfilling. Take your time, enjoy the process – the finished product will bring you so much joy (pun intended)! Grab the pattern here:

{Pattern Hack} New Horizons Harbor Hoodie

Here’s my first confession of this blog post – I don’t have $150 to spend on a jacket from Anthropologie. But when I saw the Faravel Moto Jacket on Pinterest, I was inspired.  Not to find $150 to buy the jacket, but to make one for myself!  That’s one of my primary motivators for sewing – perfect fit, unique fabrics, and the ability to use expensive pieces for inspiration!


After months of swooning over this jacket and searching for the right base pattern, I decided to give it a go with the Harbor Hoodie from New Horizons.  Find the pattern here: The lines and shaping of the pattern were right and I was pretty sure I could adjust the front pattern piece and add the pockets.

I’m fairly new to hacking patterns, so I wasn’t sure how successful my first attempt was going to be.  I examined line drawings of moto jackets that I found online for what the front piece should look like and added that onto the front piece of the Harbor when I traced it onto my (new from Joann on Black Friday) pattern interfacing.  I basted the pieces together to check fit and was thrilled to find that it looked pretty close to what I was going for!  I made some pocket pieces the size and shape of the ones on my inspiration jacket and figured out the placement. The only other change I made was to adjust the hem length – moto jackets seem to be a bit more cropped and hit in the mid hip area.  I actually didn’t cut that length off – I hemmed it and then folded it over to the front to make a “band” of sorts (actually more like a giant binding).  It was bulky and unfinished looking and prompted me to do a bunch of top stitching which, it turns out, really adds to the moto flair of the jacket.  


New Horizons Harbor Hoodie Moto Hack

Here’s my second confession – I haven’t added a closure on the jacket yet.  The original has a zipper, but I wasn’t sure how well a zipper would hold on one layer of fleece.  I pondered buttons, but if I didn’t like them it would be difficult to undo. Then I got stumped on which piece goes on top (right over left or left over right).  I was prompted to read some interesting historical accounts on why women’s jackets are traditionally buttoned right over left and men’s were left over right – the most interesting had to do with a man’s necessity to draw his sword from his left hip without snagging it on his coat.  Thus I decided, I would do left over right because I’m on a bit of a “down with the patriarchy” gig right now.  I wore this coat all day and it was incredibly warm and comfortable and I think by the end of the weekend I will have a plan for how to add a closure.  


New Horizon Harbor Hoodie Hack

Here’s my third confession – I’m going to make a few more of these.  I’m tempted to try one in stretch woven and will make my next one with a lining (as the pattern is designed for and as my inspiration picture has).  My main takeaway from this project – I’ve always loved the coziness of the Harbor Hoodie and, when you have a good base pattern to start from, amazing things can happen.  You know I’m all about versatility and options in a pattern – sometimes that can mean redrawing a few lines to create a new look.  If I can do it, you can too! Let me know if you’d be interested in a tutorial and I can try to post some pictures soon of my adjusted pattern piece and details on how I finished it.  Cheers to hacking (and staying warm)!


Capsule Wardrobe Undergarments

It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of capsule wardrobe sewing.  I spend a good amount of time each season planning the colors and the pieces that I want to make to round out my closet. Plenty of people stop their capsule wardrobe at that point – and that is totally fine – buying shoes, purses/handbags, workout gear, pajamas, undergarments, and socks.  

Well, I’m a maker.  I can’t make shoes (yet), but I am making all of those other things for my capsule.  

I’d been pondering this blog post for a few months and was finally pushed to do it so I could share this amazing pattern I just tested – the Bella Bralette from Daydream Patterns.  I’ve made a few bralettes and sports bras before, but nothing that was constructed like this – in such a detailed and professional way.  

The steps were a bit confusing at first – but only because it was a new type of project for me. In truth, the instructions are very clear and accompanied by good illustrations.  There is even a blog post from the pattern designer for how to make the adjustable straps.  My point being, even if you’re new to sewing lace and bras, don’t let that stop you from buying this pattern.  It’s an amazing price and I heard there is a discount code in the Facebook group to celebrate the release.  But even without the discount, it’s an amazing deal for such a well done pattern.

Go slowly, read carefully, read it again.  I had to pull some stitches out on my first version, but it still turned out lovely.  I mean, LOVELY.  Like I could not believe I made a thing that was so beautiful.  Once I understood the construction after the first one, the second one was much easier.  I made one of each style: v-neck and plunge.  I’ve worn them all day and they are so comfortable.  Plenty supportive and no pokey underwires!  

Find the pattern here

And don’t forget to go to the FaceBook page to find the discount code, here:  

If you’re inspired now to sew up some undies with your bralette, I have two favorite patterns that I’ve sewn over and over (and wear over and over).  The Bunzies/Scrundies from Stitch Upon a Time, found here: and the No Show Thong from Greenstyle Creations, found here:

I imagine I will do a capsule wardrobe undergarments part two at some point, as I’ve sewn other bralettes (that are very different from this one) and a few other underwear patterns.  Maybe I’ll even do a head to head comparison of a few different patterns. There are lots out there, but none I recommend as highly as these.  

AND… before I forget – if you are looking for places to buy lace in the appropriate size to make the Bella, keep an eye on our friends at Knitpop, as they have some in stock they will be listing and have said they will try to source some more so that we can make all the pretty bralettes!

*This post contains affiliate links